View Full Version : Can I disable @home's upload speed cap of 128k?

Phyre Phox
04-07-00, 10:55 AM
Is there any way I can bypass or disable @home's upload speed cap?

04-10-00, 12:24 PM
Nope, and why do you want to disable the cap?? your DL is uncapped.. do you want to Upload stuff faster? Get a better Ping while gaming? because I thought I would get a better ping with higher upload cap.. well it's look's like I got shafted.. Higher upload does not mean better ping, apperiantly Cable is peaky w/ bandwidth.. something that is directly related to ping, also somethingthat the Cable sales folk will not tell you, or they probally don't know about.. <--my guess. So Uh,, why do you want to uncap?