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04-04-00, 07:55 AM

I don't know if this question applies to this forum, but here is my situation:

I recently updated to directx 7.0a and installed the corresponding patch from the
wingmanteam page, but the logitech profiler does not detect my controller. The
controller light is on and is properly connected. I also removed all possibles files, dll's associated with the logitech software, and still have the same problem. I've posted a similar message at the Logitech page, but with no answer.

Any input appreciated.

cable crip
04-05-00, 08:38 PM
I've got the exact same gamepad and it works great! Like you I als o installed the directx 7.0a and the patch from logitech. Does the controller work without the upgraded patch or the version of direcx 7.0a? I know that it can connect to your comp one of two ways, wether through usb or your serial game port. First did you follow the directions in plugging in the controller AFTER the installation of the utility? If it still doesn't detect it then it's probably just a defective controller. Go return it for another one.

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04-06-00, 07:04 AM

Thanks for the reply. The controller worked just a week ago, but I think it is a software issue, because when I uninstalled the software from Logitech, I added a generic four button gamepad with the Logitech Wingman gamepad connected and the controller was detected. I don't know if throw away the controller or the two sound cards I've tried this with or get a new controller.

Thanks again for the reply.

04-07-00, 07:56 AM

I was using the Sb Live Mp3+ sound card and decided to uninstall it. Then decided to install temporally an'old' Iomagic (A3d1) sound card and the problem was gone! My Logitech gamepad works fine now. I think it has to do with the full digital joystick support and the fact that this sound card has a microprocesor on the game port, this is not the issue with all the creative sound cards (To what I know). I am going to keep this card until I get my hands on Aureal's SQ-2500 sound card.

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