View Full Version : Come on now Why is it hacking trying to get what u pay for?

04-04-00, 06:30 AM
Well brent i know its your site but listen mang.I pay for upload and they wait to install befor they tell me its capped? Come on thats bogus.No one cares for d/l if your a gamer and make websites we want u/l.That is bootleg some ppl get T1 speed from cable modem upload rest of us get crappy u/l.Its bootleg in other words is it the modem at fault or just the companies so other ppl cant be better ping then others who cares first come first served is what i was always told.....

04-12-00, 07:54 AM
You have the option of refusing to pay your provider thus terminating your service. If you can provide a contract stating promised U/L bandwidth, you can take this to any Better Business Bureau or courthouse (if needed) & have grounds to stand on.

Not confirming the U/L is kinda like having tires placed on your car then asking, How much they cost?

Ive had a machinist make a part for my old VW (without asking the price up front) I paid 5 times more then it was worth because I signed a work order request.

Add this to your Ill never do this again list & then be careful in the future.