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03-31-00, 07:05 AM
Which is the best for online gamming? Quake, HL, tribes and such.. I was told by a local sdsl carrier that there's is best and that they do not shard bandwidth and/or over subscribe.. which is the best Dsl , and how can I Tell if they are sharing my bandwidth? becides spikes in performance??

03-31-00, 08:09 AM
Get SDSL, or xDSL with the same d/l and u/l speeds.

But as far as I know, xDSL is not shared bandwidth. Can anyone else on this board say for sure that xDSL is not shared? I always that is wasn't, but I have been wrong many times before http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/wink.gif


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03-31-00, 12:45 PM
Ok, I just found a xDSL service that supports me.. 416/416 SDSL. Apperiantly adsl, asymetrical DSL can wary up and down speeeds, 384/1500 ect, where as SDSL is the same up and down, al-la 416/416 The 'x' In xDSL is a variable that can be anything.. when you see xDSL that means any and/or all of the DSL's. I need better Ping's On servers.. across the board!!! ( In Tribes) I have @Home cable now adv ping 100-150, ya'll think I'll see better Ping's .. In general.. w/ SDSL 416/416?? (( Also I'm kinda ticked. and shocked)) I posted here before, cable/DSL and Gaming thread.. about upgrading my service from @home to @work asked wreather I'd see better ping's, I gave all pertinant info.. I got veary little responce, if any. S I ordered it, and after a week I'm having it uninstalled,, I still have to pay install cost. I guess I'm dealing with Broadband.. better than cable "basic' servic and no-one Can answer my questions.)) If anyone can help me with This I'd Appericate it.. I'll leave post here as I feel it should be.. and move it to general thread if no responce.. thax in advance.

04-05-00, 07:37 AM
Just switching from cable to dsl will not guaranteed a better ping. what you will have to look at is the main routers the companies are using.

your cable ping seems to be a bit high. if you do a trace test and send it to your cable company and tell them your are unsatisified with this ping they will prob give u a good reason. but make sure u give them list of couple of servers because if it just one server they'll just make up a lame excuse
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