View Full Version : induced lagg

03-28-00, 01:45 PM
i would like to know if there are programs out that create the effect known as lagg??
You know like the guy thats running around and you just cant seem to kill him cause of his lagg..
I'm running 64k isdn and my pings are rather good to most servers but sometimes theres that one guy thats hard as hell to kill.. just wanting to know if any of you hard gamers know of such a thing??

04-02-00, 02:29 PM
What game are you playing? He is most likely cheating...

04-02-00, 08:26 PM
The only reason I think someone would want to induce lag is this: He is in the middle of a game in a rated room and he is losing. If he quits, he loses points, if he lags real bad maybe other guy/team quits.

Don't help this guy unless he comes up with a reason for his quest.......people that do this kind of thing give all of us a bad name.

04-03-00, 02:59 AM
I'm playing Delta Force... I just want to know if there is such a program or hack out that will do that, and where i can get it if there is such a thing out there..