View Full Version : Hosting Problem ,with Cable modem

03-26-00, 01:21 PM
I have a cable modem and I play on mplayer and I just dont get why I cant host? I have a few friends that live in same town ,on same provider they can host no problem ,not to mention that I have a faster machine then theirs.I rplace all cable in house had ISP out here several times and nothing .Also I downloaded the tweak for 98 window still nothing .So please anyone out there that could help me plz do thanks!!!!!!!

04-01-00, 03:30 AM
are the people connecting to get a cl_parssframe error. it happen to me when i first got cable. i just reinstalled the drivers and change the packets size to small and never had a problem again

04-02-00, 02:25 PM
Hey man I just got on her to do the same thing! I play on mplayer too. My hosting stinks too. I have a p3 450mhz with 160 pc100 ram. I have a faster machine then my friends and I still host crappy. i think it has to do with registry settings man. Anyone help?

04-03-00, 12:34 PM
A lot of times the problem with hosting and having a cable/asdl is it is to fast for your friends. If they have a regular 56k dial up what happens is your machine is having to resend the information because the dialup users can't download what you are sending fastenough. Do you have problems when your friends host? I found it was better to let a dialup user host when I ran into this.