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01-17-11, 12:46 AM
I have a Netgear WGR 614v9 Router.
A Compaq Laptop and a Dell Mini9 Laptop.

It seems like no matter what I use for the WLan Key the Mini9 is never able to get on the network, while my Compaq Laptop accepts any key, and is able to get on just fine

The Dell Mini9 has a Broadcom Wireless Adapter. and has Windows XP SP3.
The Compaq has Vista Home Prem. SP2. also has a Broadcom Adapter.

Any ideas? thanks.

01-17-11, 06:53 AM
Latest firmware on the router?
Wireless mode on the router...if it's a B/G/N model, try setting it to B/G
If the router has a turbo/108 mode....try disabling that.
Latest wireless NIC drivers for the mini9?
You don't have MAC filtering enabled on the wireless security of the router do you?

01-17-11, 12:46 PM
I sure feel like a ******* now..
Apparently before I got the Mini i must have setup MAC Filtering, as an extra layer I never even thought about checking it.

thanks Cat.

01-17-11, 01:08 PM
Don't worry I've done that once too....back in the WEP days...I sat there trying to add a friends new laptop to their existing network...for like 15 minutes I was scratching my head.."Why won't it connect?" DOH..mac filtering!
Kill MAC filtering..just use WPA2.

02-25-11, 05:37 AM
You made some good points there. Thanks for this post, and I totally agree with you about good comments.