View Full Version : 3 computer over 1 connection? no router?

03-20-00, 01:36 AM
i just setup 3 computers to use 1 connection and all 3 comps can be online playing games/surfing without any lag increase thats noticable. AND I DIDNT EVEN USE A ROUTER =O

host machine of cable modem
Gigabyte 7IX
550mhz K7
256mb ram
NIC #1 (on cable modem)
NIC #2 for COAX lan

I networked all machines with just TCP/IP (win98:SE btw) and have simple coax cable between the comps.... NO IPX !!!

Machine NOT directly hooked up to cable modem:

CS ping in fav servers averaged 80ms (compared to 70ms on the host machine WHOOPY)