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03-19-00, 12:15 PM
I use bell sympatico adsl and live in the Toronto area. I get a usual 100 - 150 ping to most gaming servers and the best that i ever get are around 80s. I also have friends that live in Toronto (but in another area) and always have at least 30 ping less than me. How can it be? I don't think my distance from the server is any longer than his and at least not a 30 ping difference distance. I called up Bell and asked but the Tech guy just pointed me to a website to download those MTU patches and stuff and after patching the registry with what he told me to download I have seen no difference... Any of you pls give me some suggestions? I'm thinking maybe I shoudl call bell and see if they're connecting me to the closest possible server because I did traceroutes and even the bell server that i'm connected to (the first server) I get a 70s-80s ping. I have no idea why and I don't like it http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/frown.gif. I appreciate any helps/tip. Thanks

03-20-00, 08:18 AM
Have Bell see how clean your line is. Maybe the line tech messed up the install to your house. Another factor on speed is how far you are from the central office.

Hmmmm... oh yeah, if the router/DSL card you have is from Bell Atlantic then see if you can have them replace it.

I really don't like dealing with Bell (they are my ISP). I have to call them to tell them they are having problems with thier switches at the CO... sheesh. Oh yeah, this isn't a rant board =)

Anyway, hope that helps you out some. Let us know what the problem was http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif


03-20-00, 07:10 PM
I also get sympatico DSL, (I live in north york, what area do you live in?) and my pings are also bad. I also have a friend who usually gets a 70 ping (who lives downtown).I'm pretty sure the ping's so bad because of the slow upload speed; the modem can go up to 320kbps or 40 kilobyets/sec, but through IRC, it uploads to a cable modem at 1.5-3 kilobytes a second. When I test my upload speed it detects 50-60 kbps. And when others try to connect to my server, it's horrible.
Soon I'll be trying a few spead tweaks, but I doubt that will help. I guess all we can do is flame bell.

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04-05-00, 07:45 AM
if u are using gamespy doing a mass search of servers and still end up getting ping only as low as 80 then that means your company is crappy. One thing u can do is do a complaint and send them a e-mail to there tech and show them the statues u have receieve from doing a trace test or maybe just do a screen shot of the gamespy menu.
hopefully they will notice what they did wrong and reroute their systems.

04-11-00, 01:27 AM
I freakin use bell's sympatico too..
I dont think they are that good but at least they're much better than rogers..

but the lowest pin I've gotten is 80 that's it..
why why why.. do I have to live in the central office to get good pings?
I've even thought of bringing a club to thier office and bash the bell's people's head wit it

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06-24-00, 10:13 PM
wow Hiei i have the EXACT same problem but w/ swbell. if you find a solution PLEASE tell me i called their pos tech support and the guy told me if i have tweaked my connection..of course i have..then he says..well..looks like you are getting the best you can from us..bs..and if this is the truth..i might go w/ cable

06-24-00, 10:14 PM
oops..e-mail me at fserna21@hotmail.com ..(just in case)

06-28-00, 06:17 AM
I'd post on this site http://www.DSLreports.com the guys over there will give ya the heads up on all the things that could give you a bad ping. I'll explain a little bit. First off your bandwith, and distance from the CO don't affect your ping at all.The thing that does affect your ping the most is where your isp's PoP, or NOC is..Like take me, i'm in ft lauderdale, and my isp(bellsouth) NOC is in Atlanta, so my my ping to it is about 20ms..not to bad..you don't wanna have those first 3 or so hops over 30 because if ya do its gonna kill your pings everywhere:/ I ping the first 50 or so servers at 50ms and under http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif Here's what I get all the time at servers in florida=] http://www.geocities.com/dan184/400lp.jpg

Post on that site I told ya about, they'll explain in more detail..

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06-28-00, 12:50 PM

IRC can't handle high speed uploads unless you fix it. If you use mIRC go to File > Options then expand the IRC column and click on perform. There should be a text block and a checkbox. Check the box ("On connect, perform these commands.") and in the text block enter these exactly how they are, only one command on one line and keep the /

/pdcc 99999999999999
/fsend on
/dcc packetsize 4096

Im almost certain this will rasie or IRC file sends.


06-28-00, 12:56 PM
Hey all fellow lpb gamers. If you all want the fastest performance from you DSL, then I recomend RASPPPoE. Its a new driver that increases you DSL speed. Here is the URL (http://user.cs.tu-berlin.de/%7Enormanb/#Download). This proggy is often talked about in the DSL Reports (http://www.dslreports.com) website. Most people there know about this proggy and highly talk about it. I'm surprise most peeps in here dont know about it. When you download this proggy, read the instructions carefully. Its simple to install, but you must uninstall any previous PPPoE programs befor you install this proggy. Check this site (http://www.carricksolutions.com/pppoe.htm) out for further details about the RASPPPoE.

Have fun with!!!!

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07-01-00, 01:45 PM
I finally found the cure to get 50 ms pings!
switch to rogers@home.. it did the trick for me..

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