View Full Version : Need some help running Q3 and UT servers (please).

03-19-00, 04:08 AM
I'm trying to find info on-line about running Q3 and UT servers.

I also need to collect any info on running them behind the Linksys Router.

Mainly - for Q3 I need to find a list of server commands, and a guide on how to create scripts for running the server (setting server options - game types, etc.).

I've read that you can log into an UT Server through it's IP address. Is this a Telnet thing?

Well, big wish list there - thanks a whole bunch for any help/advice!

03-29-00, 03:03 PM
hi vorpal

i replied to a few post regarding running a dedicated game server through a linksys router. just thought i would answer your questions specifically.

i will limit my response to unreal tournament and tribes since those are the only games i tried.

ut: joining a ut server required no advance settings on the router. i.e. i did not have to use dmz or port forwarding.

tribes: joining a server required no advance settings.

ut: running a dedicated ut game server did not work %100. i could launch a game and people join, but after about 5 to 10 minutes they would lose connection. i tried port forwarding and dmz with the same results. i had another person log in and play from a different site. tried a million and one things to get it to work with no luck. bypassed the router, connecting the cable modem directly to the server and all worked well. the error the clients would get stated something about corrupted data. note, lan clients ran with no trouble so i would guess it's not the router's switch.

tribes: running a server - same as above.

if you want to know my setup, let me know. it's nothing out of the ordinary. also, if you want to know what i tried to get the dedicated game server to work, again, let me know.

just a side note. i also tried the hawking router, which when running a dedicated game server the outside world could not see the server. again, i tried hawking's visible server feature and port forwarding. at least with the linksys the server was visible on the master server.

i returned both. i really liked the linksys, except for the issue stated above. if they ever get it fixed i'll probably buy another.

good luck and let me know if (and how) you get it working.


p.s. linksys definitely needs to work on their 24/7 support. i tried several times with no luck - email and phone.