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cable crip
03-16-00, 07:52 AM
I'm on Cox/RR and when I run Mplayer to play Rainbox Six my speed sucks! I get about 2000 m/s to other players. D/ling patches from Mplayer are also really slow. My speeds on the internet are fine. What's the problem?

03-16-00, 12:28 PM
Problem = Mplayer

I have never had any good experiances with Mplayer on any game that I tried. And all of my friends that have tried Mplayer also had problems.

Try TEN see if they are any better *shrug*


03-17-00, 04:46 AM
goto options, then click preferences then click the bottom right advanced button, then make sure theres a checkmark in the top box in the advanced options menu where it says about misreporting pings and stuff