View Full Version : ATTN COX HSI: cox cisco dpc3000 docsis 3.0 modem going offline periodically?

12-30-10, 04:45 PM
For the longest time I have had issues with Cox HSI here at home at this location. Now after working on it for several days in a row back in May; it seemed like the field team leader and his field techs had the problem finally resolved; NOT; I say not because even though they spent almost 2 weeks straight at that time trying to get the problem resolved I think it just went away for quite a long time and now is coming back periodically. This problem consists of the fact that I have had SEVERAL occasions of where at least one of the lights(did not catch which one it was) go from being solid which meant there was a solid connection to blinking for about 30 sec to 1 minute; and this keeps happening every so often at random intervals. I had a tech out last friday to check on not just this, but to see why I thought I was getting very slow speeds; but apparently was just attributed to the server(s) on that particular site: he checked the levels for signal and noise as well as line quality and found no real "issues" at then. however, this problem of the modem going offline for up to a minute at random intervals is making me crazy and it NEEDS TO STOP!!!; it just happened last nite again. And let me add this also has interrupted my online gaming experience by kicking me out of a online game session w my friend and is now really pissing me off!!!. Does or can anyone out there recognize this as a network signal, etc problem or does this sound like a modem issue itself? Because to me it sounds like a modem issue as the network levels were already checked less than a week ago and are at spec levels per the tech that was out here last friday. Any input on this would be appreciated and thanks for ur time.

04-11-11, 08:50 PM
Matts6887, I enjoyed my new Motorola 6120 and it's BLINDING speeds but......but it kept resetting on me. I was doing awesome MB downloads and uploads but the modem kept resetting, over and over and over (you get the poing). So, the first time, Cox said I need to change my modem (funny, it was a NEW modem that I purchased at the local Best Buy with a Cox Rep to help), so I put BB through a return/replace and got another new modem, guess, what? Same issues......but it's getting worse, like resetting 40 plus times a day now. I finally got a hold of a awesome, knowledgeable Tier II or Tier III technical support engineer who said there was a "network wide" issue with DOCSIS 3.0 modems. Where they kept trying to get new IP addresses. He asked me to swap out back to my 5101 (DOCSIS 2.0) and wala, it's worked flawlessly but.....no awesome speeds. Trust me, I would rather have the new 3.0 modem in place with the BLINDING speeds than my older, 2.0. As of today, I was told I should be able to put the 3.0 modem back and it should be fine now. Let's hope...

Finger's crossed! :thumb: