View Full Version : ATTN COX HSI: cox cisxo dpc3000 docsis 3.0 modem going offline periodically?

12-30-10, 03:42 PM
For the longest time I have had issues with Cox HSI here at home at this location. Now after working on it for several days in a row back in May; it seemed like the field team leader and his field techs had the problem finally resolved; NOT; I say not because even though they spent almost 2 weeks straight at that time trying to get the problem resolved I think it just went away for quite a long time and now is coming back periodically. This problem consists of the fact that I have had SEVERAL occasions of where at least one of the lights(did not catch which one it was) go from being solid which meant there was a solid connection to blinking for about 30 sec to 1 minute; and this keeps happening every so often at random intervals. I had a tech out last friday to check on not just this, but to see why I thought I was getting very slow speeds; but apparently was just attributed to the server(s) on that particular site: he checked the levels for signal and noise as well as line quality and found no real "issues" at then. however, this problem of the modem going offline for up to a minute at random intervals is making me crazy and it NEEDS TO STOP!!!;