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03-12-00, 06:50 PM
I get very bad ping when playing counter strike tfc or unreal tournament. I got the MTU patch, system.ini tweak **** and it only improves my downloading speed , used to download at 30kps but now 100kps, but doesnt help my ping. I usually get 150+. That is not good. I have bell Sympatico. Can someone help me? Oh, by the way, when I host I usually get 27 ping but everone else gets very bad ping. Whats up with that?


wilkie d
03-12-00, 11:16 PM
ping your isp or gateway see what kind of ping to them. post a reply here

03-17-00, 09:10 PM
wilkie should pings be "closer" to the ping from our gateway?

I gateway pings at 80ms but my pings usually suck 95% of the times greates than 180 or so.

wilkie d
03-18-00, 01:45 PM
80 ms are not good you should be getting 20 to 50 i recently switched isp because i was getting 160ms , the reason being that i live in mich and my isp was in cal. now im getting 11 ms to a local isp. im not shure about cable but if your isp is at 80 ms then the best you could hope for in a game is 80 ping thats if your isp was serving the game .remeber your isp is where you enter the internet and from there to where the game is served. try and pick a game server close to your isp. im getting 40 to 140 in most games in half-life. good luck

03-18-00, 06:15 PM
You get a ping of around 20 when hosting a server because you don't have a CONNECTION in any sort to other servers. Therefore, you don't have to receive data.

All the other people get bad pings on your server is probably because of the upstream throughput of cable connections. Cable has a small upload throughput so when your being the server other players lag!