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12-27-10, 05:00 PM
I had got a 2003 Impala from my boss about 1 1/2 years ago for a really cheap price so I had a better car. And didnt want the OnStar service so he discontinued it. My question is how can I stop OnStar from being powered up, I see the black box in my trunk and it's got medal over it.

The reason why I ask is because the OnStar seems to stay active when my car is off, I can hear the speakers humming for about 10 secs and then they turn off. But last month I had a problem where they had to replace resisters and stuff cause they were fried and wouldnt allow me to change climate settings and such.

Then about 3 days ago my battery was completely dead, which was weird since I brought a new 1 when they did the resister work and they said my alternator was fine. I want to see if the OnStar could be the culprit of some issues and would like to turn it off and see if the humming and such continue.

If I change stuff from the OnStar are my dash lights going to go funky or is it going to turn off my radio? The radio is aftermarket btw, which was put in by a prof and they installed some little white box behind it which they said needed to be there cause of OnStar.

What's this code supposed to mean, generator control circuit malfunction, my battery was almost dead again so I had a mechanic read the code and it said generator control circuit malfunction, which he said was my regulator in my alternator not working. He said the way to test it is by unplugging the wire from battery to alternator and seeing if it's drained in the morning but idk where the wire is located

01-06-11, 05:18 PM
Simple enough, Disconnect the red wire (+) from your batter when you park for the night.

03-13-15, 08:01 PM
its Not onstar, you have a short.