View Full Version : Internet speed on main computer with gigabit router

12-26-10, 01:02 AM
This is a simple question, I think, but I have not been able find the answer to it. I have a fast computer that I recently added a Netgear 3400 N+ dual band router to and now the other computers in the house connect at 150mbps but the host computer only connects at 100 mbps. I put a gigabit ethernet adaper in the host computer, no change. If I get a Netgear 3700 gigabit router will that increase my internet connection speed to 150 or more like the other ones in my network? Also, do I really need the dual band or just a Netgear 3500 Gigabit router.... Well, after further experimenting I think I have the answer. I bypassed the router and plugged the cable modem directly into the gigabit ethernet port and it still only connects at 100mbps, so the cable company must limit the speed to that.

12-28-10, 07:10 AM
The network card connection speed is generally irrelevant of your internet connection...unless you have an internet connection package faster than 10 megs and you're using a very old 10 meg network card. So unless your internet package from your ISP is faster than 100 megs....connecting at 100 megs is not your bottleneck.
The gigabit LAN ports on todays home broadband routers are to allow LAN transfers at gigabit speeds. Meaning, if you have more than 1 PC on your LAN, you can transfer files between those computers at up to gigabit speeds. But if your ISP connection is say...16 megs...or 30 megs...that's what your internet speed will be, regardless of if you connect to your router at 100 megs or 1000 megs.

Dual band allows you to keep N wireless clients at full N speeds, and separate your legacy (B and G) clients. Otherwise..with single radio, if you have an N access point and a B or G client connects to it..the radio will downshift to the B or G speeds..and the N clients will suffer those slower speeds.