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03-10-00, 07:48 AM
I deleted my Post In Cable/DSL for Lack of Responces, none. Maybe people here can help. I'm thinking about Upgrading my @home to AT&T Business which has a 256k cap on the up, @ home is 128k on the upstream. The rep. said I'd have a differant Business IP# and Business gateway which is Faster ( so he say's) same node tho. He also said he see's Business all around me getting 4 to 4.5 Megs per sec Down load times. Do ya'll think I will see a Vast improvement in gaming ping? I'd like anyone's opinion, please. ( my thinking if I can send the info faster 256k vs 128, and there is no DL cap on either service I can recieve it faster, should equal faster connect, on adverage that is.) My DL speed now, from TCI@Home themselves is 1.54MB in 4 seconds. again thanx, I respect the poeple's opinion here. ( hoping kissing a little ass will get a reply this time.. heh) --Richard-- Richardson, Tx.

03-11-00, 11:54 PM
I aint too sure that that area hasn't got a severe problem because every time i have called them, they ask me if I live in Plano/ Richardson. They claimed each time that theres a bunch of hardware down, so your problems may be out of anyones control. Xcecept for them. I'd wait B4 I spent money chasing a problem out of your hands, unless you just got money to burn. As you are all too aware, Plano and Richardson are growing at phenomenal rates right now and the installation of new cabling, and related may be whats happening to you. You may be routed thru Garland or who knows where. I was being routed thru Grapevine, and irving at some points b4 it finally got working good last week. Now its rocket fast even though I seldom see speeds above 120KB down. Beats the crap out of what I was getting. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif