View Full Version : how can i be a ping *****

03-06-00, 06:09 AM
what would be the best settings for me to become a good ping *****, see i got cable about a month ago, charter pipeline, coughpieceofs**tcompanycough,ive got the small 500 down and 128 up service since thats all they offer here right now, and i play games like rainbow 6 and delta force2 and Unreal Tournament online, and yes thats pretty much all i do every day, heres my problem, in all the games i see ghosting/people warping all the time, i dont think i saw this much even with my 56k, what would be the best mtu and whatever else for me to ping the hell out of the server and gain a true ping ***** status? the servers i play on i have a decent connection to, usually between 50 and 120ms but, it seems like my throughput just sucks