View Full Version : Poll: Who is going to rush to the store to buy a Playstation2?

02-28-00, 06:26 PM
And if you are, why?


wilkie d
02-28-00, 11:07 PM
i will . why cuz i want it all lol. i like alot of the games only available to playstation i loved metal gear soilid and reisdent evil

03-04-00, 08:51 PM

I will if it comes bundled with a remote. I like the good games and they will run faster than on my computer. Plus talk about a dirt cheap DVD player (that is why I want a remote with it) I've heard rumors that a infrared port is on the console which most likely means a remote. Plus Playstation I games will work on it too.


03-06-00, 08:32 AM
I sure and the hell will. DVD/Amazing Graphics/pORTABILITY, ability to DOWNLOAD games/ and best of all iLINK support (what is iLINK? iLINK is the patented sony transfer cable, that allowa ALL sony products to be integrated into SONY's DIGITAL STUDIO PC'S) MY PC!

The PLaystation2 is going to be solid.

03-06-00, 03:36 PM
Will the price of this beast effect your decison? i personally will get this amazing console for manly the cheap a$$ DvD player. Its going to be sweet playing games and DvDs on the same system.


03-27-00, 01:21 PM
Of course. And you ask why, because squaresoft will be making Final Fantasy games for it. DO i need another reason??

03-29-00, 11:07 PM
I won't ! http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif Why would you guys rather play PS2 instead of PC Games? Am I missing something? Maybe Ive been out for too long.

03-31-00, 03:51 AM
I am sure it will be a great machine but
I am very happy with my Dreamcast. Some
factors were:

1.I already have a DVD player (no point in getting another one).

2.A cable modem will be released this summer
for the Dreamcast and hopefully a solid
network will be developed by then (for Quake
3 of course) Still not sure how I will hook
that up to the cable modem I have now for the PC (or if even can work with a PC modem).

3. Price, I just want something to play games
on, no DVD, video editing, ect...just gaming.

4.Not to be negative towards Sony (it makes
a lot of great products) but my experiences
with their electronics (not good) doesn't
make me hop on the Sony bandwagon or associate their name with anything top-notch.

Last, I will not go into PC vs. Console
but no matter how many times I frag someone
in UT, (don't get me wrong playing games
over the internet is the best thing since
sliced bread) but there's no feeling like
kicking the crap out of someone in a game
and that person sitting right next to you.
Seeing them yell and get pissed, or smile
while they found some new combo to try on
you is what it's all about--Flesh and Blood.

04-10-00, 07:09 AM
not I my pc can do more then the play Staion could ever Do

05-16-00, 10:25 AM
$299 console
34 memory card
59 game
$400 = way too much

Besides MSG:2 isn't due for almost 18 months. Maybe next summer I'll but one but not right now. Nascar3 on my PC takes up enough of my time the way it is.

05-18-00, 07:49 PM
i'll be waiting for the X-Box. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

my pc already plays dvd...and have you seen the screen-shots from x-box promos..awesome!

05-19-00, 10:32 AM
I've two councils now that only get used at
Christmass when lots of people are around.
They have great games, but there is only 168
Hours in a week. I don't have the time for
a new concil as I don't use what I have. I
am happy with my puter games.
...have fun...corm