View Full Version : How to reduce ping in cable connection?

02-24-00, 04:30 AM
I recently just change from Adsl to cable becoz of the much higher speed but when play Quake III , I notice the ping are about 100ms higher then my adsl connection except my local server.

I see registry tweak and programs but isnt there any program or resgistry that can help to reduce the ping ?? may be connect at a slower speed for stability?

02-24-00, 05:07 PM
Well, if you are like me or most other people, you will learn that Cable sucks nowadays. The speeds are getting worse and the new Upload Cap....bleh. It may depend on what time you are trying to play. Try to play on hours that not a lot of people will be using the network.

For example, in the afternoon and around midnight I ping like 50 on a server, but between 4 and 10PM, that ping could be 200-300. My ISP has us netwroked in zones, so when a lot of people are on in my zone, the ping sucks ass.

Just my thoughts. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif