View Full Version : Post your Half-Life Team Fortress tweaks here!

02-22-00, 01:30 PM
A thread dealing with anything positive about this game is a great thing. Post away, and I will add mine.

wilkie d
02-22-00, 11:32 PM
first off this game is bad ass! too many tweaks to post. i am trying to find a clansmen who knows how to levitate trip mines at eye level mid air its wild i seen it first hand he wont give up the secret tho and its on a cheat disabled server, what kinda tweaks you lookin for? i like the new sprites at
http://members.aol.com/rjdriver/hlsites1.htm they make aiming a hell of alot easier .are you any good im looking for clansmen to join,new clan. later

02-23-00, 08:35 AM
One thing that seems to help, is to cut down on the MIRV's. A lot of soldiers can play, but one Demo and his MIRV/Clustergrenade are plain death to the FPS!

Disable the upload/download! Who needs stupid logo's. Stop it already!! If you need a map, go to the TFC official home page. It'll download faster, and won't bog down the server for the rest of us!

Turn down the graphic details...

More to come.

wilkie d
02-23-00, 12:12 PM
dont use bee gun it adds 10%ping in game,set pushlatency to (negitive)- half your ping i.e 200pings = -100 pushlantency.
netgraph is much more efficient for determining lag. I
bind the keys n and m to enable/disable netgraph. (respectively) To do this, enter Half-Life. At the
console, type bind n "r_netgraph 1" then hit enter. Now type bind m "r_netgraph 0". Now, when
playing a game, hit the n key to enable the netgraph, and the m key to disable the netgraph. If things
are going perfect, you'll only see the color green (or maybe red at the far right, see below). The
smaller the green bars are, the lower your ping is. Yellow bars mean the server is sending you data
faster than you can receive it. Red lines indicate that you are losing packets. This is sometimes
unavoidable, but if you are losing packets, you are certainly lagging. If you receive blue lines,
something is wrong. Either the server just plain sucks, or your ISP does. Bad packets cause the
game to freeze solid. If you are getting blue lines or the message "U_REMOVE on full update" in the
console, leave the server and try another.