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02-19-00, 07:29 PM
I just formated cause quake3 freeze all the time when i play online last thing i did before it happend was to install
sguide_tweak_98 do you guys think it has something to do with it cause i dont want to install it just yet waiting for your reply.

02-19-00, 10:41 PM
i don't think the speedguide tweak has ne thing to do w/ quake 3.. maybe ur vid. card is runnin hot or something..

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02-20-00, 03:48 AM
Got any more info? Exactly what do you mean Q3A is freezing in online DM? Does it do it offline with the Bots? Do yo gotta do a hard reboot to fix it?

02-20-00, 03:53 AM
If all else fails, you should be able to revert back to your original settings with the speedguide uninstaller http://www.speedguide.net/files/sguide_default_9x.zip It is found with a readme http://www.speedguide.net/Cable_modems/cable_patches.shtml

02-20-00, 06:41 AM
Yes it freeze online only have to do a hard reboot.i tried diferent driver put more fan
even if my pc is not overclock it does the same thing with unreal tournament online only
i should have read more further in the tweaking section to see the undo patch and tried that before formating.I will give one more tried but its still a complete mystery
cause i never had any problem before.
p2 233,viper 770 ultra,cable modem motorola,
3com ethernet,256 meg memory,2x 20 gig hard disk,sb live.

02-20-00, 10:31 PM
The tweak had nothing to do with it. Remove the speedguide .ini and reinstall Quake3 with your most recent NON-beta video drivers. Ive done an assload of tweaking will alot of diffrent apps, and dont have nay issues with Quake3.


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06-18-09, 01:16 AM
Just FYI.... this thread and possibly others from speedguide.net have been copied on another forum.


Noticed it was happening on a forum I'm on regularly, so I'm just doing a bit of detective work. :)