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Dr Toxic
02-19-00, 01:26 AM
thought i would throw this out there. im on a 640/90 dsl and was having major packet loss/ping spiking problems in QIII and UT. applied every tweak that i could find to no avail. there is post i believe on the cable/dsl forum which mentions half and full duplex settings and that having full duplex set can adversly effect cable/dsl. i had full duplex set because im planning a small lan. well i set my nic to half and shazaam, no packet loss at all and pings were lowered by 10-20 with minimal spikes. tested this on at least 15 servers at different times, all the same result. hopes this helps someone conquer the packet loss/ping beast.

02-23-00, 10:39 AM
I apologize for my ignorance but how do you
set your modem for half duplex??

wilkie d
02-23-00, 12:25 PM
go to conrtol panel dbl click on network settings dbl click on "the nic card or ethernet card you have, chose the advanced tab and you should see it in one of the boxes

02-26-00, 08:19 PM
Do you have Win 98 or 95 ? What are the rest
of your settings under the advanced tab? I have different settings on two puters and would like to know what other people have and use.
...have fun...corm

02-27-00, 06:45 PM
Is there anything I can do if I have a USB Modem? If I can't get better performance I am going to swap it for the Internal. I don't think that my pings are good enough. I have 512/128 dsl and my ping are around 110-200 on the best servers.

Any other help would be apreciated. I have applied every patch I could find.