View Full Version : 2 cable for 2 x 128kbps up !!!!

02-17-00, 10:51 AM
Hey my isp cap the upload to 16k/sec(128kbps)i was wondering if i could get 2 cable connection into my linux box or my win2000 to bind (bonding) the 2 network card. The connection cable is only simplex it's not a fullduplex connection.
eth0:modem 1 x 128kbps=fulupload

eth2:modem 2 x 2.2Mbites=full download


eth0:modem 1 x128kbps =upload & down

eth1:modem 2 x128kbps =upload & down

(since it's not a fullduplex connection)

Would this be possible so that i have players connecting to my quake3 server to oth0(ip of that card) and send them the packets back with the oth1 other ip ?

I found some info on the net for linux.

ps. i'm not sure if it would work for the internet.

thx weric