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02-14-00, 09:53 AM
I ordered DSL 2 weeks ago, still waiting on it, but I wanted to ask a question because I am inpatient =)

I will be getting 144/144 IDSL; that is the best I can get because I am far away from the CO. What kind of ping times can I expect with online games such as Q3A and UT?

Thanks for the input =)

wilkie d
02-14-00, 12:45 PM
well how far are you from co? and where do you and isp live or how far is it from you to the isp that has dsl?

02-14-00, 01:29 PM
If I remember correctly, I am a little over 20000 feet to the central office. And I am really not too sure how far the ISP is from the CO :/


wilkie d
02-17-00, 12:01 AM
THATS OUT THERE THEY SAY 18000 is the max but they seem to raise that bar every time they talk to a potental customer. ok so you are in nj what is the name of your isp? call them and ask them to tell you where there backhaul is? any of there techs should know, also ask them to ping a customer in yor area to get an idea what your pings will be(some techs will some wont bother) i hate to tell ya but dsl is sweet but if your pings are bad to isp then you might as well keep a 56k i learned the hard way and had to do switch isp and still isnt done so dont expect to rule half-life untill its installed and you can always come back and tell us how you did and we'll help ..some smart dudes in here good luck

02-28-00, 07:35 AM
idsl is technically isdn but it uses the d channel to take it up to 144 and its always on
anyway with dialup isdn its 90-120 pings on close servers i woul expect since the routing is handled different it will be alt lower
any how after youget it in stalled let me know how low it ctully gets
i currently use 128k isdn and that may be an option for me

02-28-00, 02:29 PM
Thanks for the idea. I will run some tests with my ISDN (ping 10 websites, ping on 10 game servers, etc) and then run the same tests when I get my DSL. I will post the results on this web page for you game junkies out there... like me http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/wink.gif


04-10-00, 01:42 AM
i dont want to raise your hopes , but you will most likely see INSANE ping times. probably around 30-60 in q3/qut , these would be servers on YOUR coast of course.

if could also be 200+ if your isp to phone co distance is across the nation...

ask the ISP if theres a POP in your state/area. if they say no , then go with a diff isp.