View Full Version : valve and cisco = powerplay

wilkie d
02-13-00, 02:01 AM
nice article in march issue of computer gamming world, seems as though the two companys are going to try and rewrite the net codes for game play. resulting in 56k dial-ups to perform like dsl and cable while playing games..any thoughts?

02-13-00, 08:42 AM
Great no more 200+ pings. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/tongue.gif


02-13-00, 11:15 PM
I think it's brilliant.

Valve knows what's needed from the game engine side, and Cisco from the network side.

I ALSO think that I'm gonna buy stock in Valve, because if they can make this work (And with Cisco as a partner that becomes a lot more likely) What they'll do is turn around and license this technology to EVERYONE else. Cha-CHING!

VeryVERY smart on Valve's part.


"Yeah Baby, YEAH!!!"

wilkie d
02-16-00, 02:40 AM
good idea. lets face it the only thing keeping online gamming to the die hard fans is pings heck i think my mom would play half-life if she could get decent pings.lol and yes its going to go nuts when and if they can make it happen.they said they want to compete with the friends reunion show ,,i think they have even bigger plans for games that need this type of net codes what else could compete with television valve is on the ball, looking for the next generation of entertainment...woooweee