View Full Version : Running an HL or CS server, help

02-11-00, 09:36 PM
I have @home cable, upload speeds 384kbs, downloads 3800's, obviously they seem good. Downloads like a champ.
Computer P3 550, 128 sdram
Trying to run a Half life server, the problem is people get very bad pings. Everything seems ok till 6-7 people get in then everyones (except mine) pings go through the roof, 350-500 range. Its hard for me to accept that when that one extra guy comes in, everyones pings go up so dramatically. Ive set the maxrate to 6000 minrate to 3000, to no avail. I have the netgraph enabled which shows what my connection is sending out and recieving. Im usually recieving around 4kbs and uploading anywhere from 3-4 kbs? from talking to friends within the HL community they say thats fine infact better than My buddy Wicked who also has cable from @home, My upload speeds are faster and my computer is slightly better yet he can host servers with upto ten players. Again my tops out around 6. When the 7th guy comes in, its time to call it a night. The only thing i can think of is, "could it be my location"? My buddie lives on the east coast, im in the midwest. Any suggestions or anything, would be appreciated.