View Full Version : Wheel Joystick Problems

02-11-00, 06:18 PM
Background; Running Win98,64Meg, AMD K6/2-266.
Have Nascar Racing 3 installed. I have a Micro$oft Precision Pro Joystick in the gameport and a Nascar Digital Pro Racing wheel(USB). If I set up the Joystick as controller ID 1 the Nascar game(or any other) won't see the wheel. If I set up the wheel as ID 1 then NOTHING (not even win98) see the joystick.
Does anyone know, or have, anything about this problem?

My sons computer: Is there a splitter for multiple joysticks? I've tried the QuickShot j-Link turbo but that didn't work. It also has the same problem with identifying multiple devices.

any assistance will be greatly appreciated.