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02-10-00, 12:52 AM

I'm an online gamer. I've got 2 computers at home and 1 is connected to cable. I was thinking of having 2 computers connected to a hub for cable use but I'm kinda hesitant since I was thinking that if I'm online gaming and my brother would use the other computer for online gaming or net surfng as well at the same time, it might cause lag or speed degradation. Any answers to these questions would be much appreciated, thanks.

02-28-00, 02:14 AM
I don't notice much difference at all using a powered hub.Works great for coop play. No typing http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/wink.gif
...have fun...corm

03-02-00, 04:24 PM

I have two pc's connected to my cablemodem via a 10/100 hub. I have two accounts so each pc has its own ip address. When I got my second account it was a blast, although the ping jumped from 65 (using only 1 pc) to 150-160 (using both simultaneously), it wasn't too bad.
Somewhere along the line, this changed. The pings now are around 350. I can't figure out why. I haven't change anything. I am looking into the prob to see if I can rectify this situation.

03-08-00, 08:11 PM
Generally, it depends on hardware setup on the LAN.

04-12-00, 10:02 AM
I have a 56K but the following setup will work for you cable modem freaks as well.

I have a 3 PC Peer to Peer LAN. 2 Pentiums (233 & 300) & a 486 DX4LB120. The 486 has a 56K External Hardware modem & is the gateway for my Pentiums to online game. I use Sygate for providing my 2 gaming machines access to the Internet. I load all office / work files, apps & Utils from the Pentiums to the 486 as the destination drive. The majority of the Pentium Fonts are mapped to the 486 as well. This makes the 486 a utility machine & file server. Leaving the Pentiums as high-speed terminals & gaming machines.

I can free up network resources buy making the 486 manage the com port, antivirus & any packet handling the gaming machines process. The Pentiums only have to process the game files. The network & online games are loaded to each Pentium & game info is passed to the 486 to pass to the game server on the Internet.

Since the 486 has the MTU set at 576 and the Pentiums are set to MTU 1500. The Pentiums can play online or head to head. Leaving the MTU headaches to the 486.

Using custom BIOS, Modem & Network Tweaks for each PC makes things wonderful for gaming & resource overhead.

Ping time for each Pentium (on Quake servers varries from as low as 70 to 115 to as high as 270 & 300 for each machine. Since the 2 share the same 486. They both have the same ping.

Cable modem service is in my area. I just don't have the $100.00 install fee & the desire to head butt these knuckle heads, that I know how to set this up my self.

Just give me the IP, Domain & address info & let me do this my self & save some cash. In addition I can get my own modem cheaper then they want to sell / rent me one.


04-13-00, 06:26 AM
If the both of you are gaming at the same time then you will have no problems with lag. If you are gaming and the other is browsing the web, then you will see a good amount of lag.

When I had ISDN, I could have 4 people playing on my LAN and there would be no lag, but the ping would be slightly higher (no longer do I have this problem with DSL though).

Your best bet would be to get a 10/100 switch. They are getting cheaper now-a-days.


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04-19-00, 11:49 PM
1) Use a switch, not a hub

2) Set the max client rates on your computers to about 6000 (command in Half-Life is "rate 6000")

3) See my post here (http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/Forum2/HTML/003632.html).