View Full Version : Counterstrike Connection Issues

02-10-00, 12:37 AM

My info:

Motorola cable, @home service.

I love the Half-life mod Counterstrike but consistently get horrible, horrible, horrible pings. My download speeds are fine.

I've tried registry tweaks, in-game tweaks, and singing old Menudo songs while drinking copious amounts of Zima...nothing works.

When I say horrible pings - I mean pings in the high 200's and often 300's. I'm usually the high ping bastard on the block. This doens't seem fair when I'm on a cable modem, and when I suck at CS in general.

Sooooo...my questions are many and confusing: Anyone else fit my profile? If so - any suggestions on what tweaks to use, not to use, either within CS or outside of it. I've tried rate, pushlatency, etc. and registry hacks...nothing gets it done.

Please help, or I'm killing my wife's cats the next time I see my ping over 350.

Additionally - is there a way to automatically set it up so I skip a certain hop on a route? One @home server - the first one I always seem to go to - kills me with latency. And, is there a way to see if some other @home cat is running his own server or porn-o-plenty download site so I can turn his ass in?