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02-09-00, 04:32 PM
man! i heard the sequel to half life is going to have Gordon Freeman living in LA. This has nothing to do with the Black Mesa deal, or even anything related to that! HL 2 is going to be this: gordon freeman lives in la, and is in a gang. the objective of the game is to be a successful tagger! wtf?! this sounds like a great multiplayer!


wilkie d
02-11-00, 03:53 AM
where did you hear this from? well I heard *lol sounds like two old rumor spreaders* that they are releasing a new patch its supposed to have some better net codes and two new maps for tfc woohoo version 1.016 ???not shure on that version #. looks like it will be out next week.

02-11-00, 06:29 AM
I can't remember exactly where I heard it from, but I know it was legitamite. I wouldn't post crap here :) Well, if the patch comes out next week I sure will be happy! If not, then what the heck... doesn't matter anyway. right?

new levels aahhhhhhhhhhh...


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09-06-04, 08:46 PM
I'm...going to call shens on this one, and leave it as is... :D