View Full Version : Using Gamespy and BLackIce at same time

02-01-00, 10:41 AM
Has anyone used BlackIce and GAmespy at the same time? I do and I thinkit is interfering with pinging some servers even though I dont believe it should be should it? I have read on networkice's site and found nothing that helps. I was wondering if anyone else is using the same the 2 programs together also? Or is there something other than gamespy that would work better? Thanks everyone in advance!

02-02-00, 10:41 PM
I also have noticed that those two programs do not work togeather. Another ping program, Qtracker does not work either when Blackice is on. I just turn it off when I need to use the others

02-03-00, 10:45 AM
Hey thanks for the info I appreciate it!!!