View Full Version : Brent: Do you know of any game servers in our area?

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Fort Worth, Arlington, or GrandPrarie.

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why cant I close this topic.

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argh sorry for the delayed response, i been busy, i have a class on Sunday. Now why in the world did I sign up for a class on a Sunday! haha

Ok when I play a game of UT or Q3 I just organize the servers by Ping and choose one with the lowest ping to me. Generally that's around 40ms, so I have no idea where it's located it just has good ping. I once had a game of Q3 with a server in Paris, TX and was getting 19ms to it :P

I tried the ID Software servers for games to Q3 but they were kinda high pings like 150ms and they are located in Mesquite which is real close.

So anyways I dont' any servers specifically but I just choose one with a low ping.

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I've moved this to the Onling Gaming Section

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I just felt like posting in the oldest game thread possible. Hats off to Messaih for oldest thread still online.
I am posting this and i dont know wat the thread is about :confused: ..
Oh well, cya


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that's odd. i don;t remember there being a Gaming Forum until after Philip hosted the Q3A server for a short time, which i was here for, as well as a short time before.... yet, the dates are 1-30 & 31, 2000..... before i registered.

wonder if the move from UBB to vBulliten messed with the dates.

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Who cares.

you're the one who brought it up, sport.

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Good point...
I meant i didnt care about "wonder if the move from UBB to vBulliten messed with the dates".
Anyways when I found this thread I was just seeing how far back the Forum goes. Now that we have brought this thread back up lets let it die again...

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who made you the boss? just because you did us the great favor of bumping an old thread doesn't mean you now own it and other folks arent allowed to post in it. the thread will die on it's own, and not just because you want it to.

i didn't care when you dug up an old thread. did i dump on you or your post? no, i didn't. i posted something relevant other than how wicked cool and immensely skilled you must be to have found this thread.

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no worries, man.

past few days at work have me down to my last nerve.

it;s all good.

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