View Full Version : BT Home Hub Different ISP

09-23-10, 09:43 AM

I have unlocked a BT Home Hub v1.0 (which is actually a Thompson 7G?)
and now have version of the Thompson firmware installed.

However I am having problems getting it to connect to the internet.

I have run through the setup wizard and entered all details correctly as
far as I am aware (PPPoA, 0,38 VPI/VCI along with my talk talk username
and password) however I cant connect to the internet!

After a few seconds of trying to connect I see the status as
'Disconnected, Authentication failed'. Upon looking at the logs this is
actually CHAPS Authentication failed.

Does anyone know why this is happening? Could it be that on the wizard,
the region is set to World rather than UK? (Albeit I can't see anywhere
I can change this setting).

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.