View Full Version : Kerio Personal Firewall - how to use with a LAN?

08-06-10, 06:08 PM
Hi Experts,

I have a Kerio 2.1 Personal Firewall that works
great for the Internet but it is blocking
a local LAN connecting a Win2K desktop and a Win7
starter Netbook. Win2K has the Kerio and Win 7 has
its own firewall. I read through the instructions
but they give no indication how to poke a hole
through the firewall to let Win2K see Win 7. If
anyone knows how, please advise.

If both boxes are connected to the Internet, the
Kerio firewall blocks the LAN communications. When
I shut Kerio down I can communicate on the LAN but
there is one glitch.

Shares were setup.

On Win7 the share is \\Box\share - it was labeled
by Win 7 as Share (\\Box) (Y:)
and it showed X Share1 (\\Box1) (Z:). The X
was in red showing that there was
something wrong there - related to Win2K - Box1.
On the Win 7 I could see the Win 7 and Win2K
shares on Box1 and access both of them.

For the Win2K desktop the share is \\Box1\share1
On it, I could see both folders - Box1 was
already on Win2K but the Box folder (from Win 7)
was there and not accessible. The same 2 admins
are listed on both boxes so I can't see why either
would be denied admission on Box.

Help would be appreciated.