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06-08-00, 06:38 AM

The title of the post is a little misleading.

I just want to rant on the pukes who kick me from their servers. I kick your butts, and you kick...without any warning. Of course, it's under the guise of 'spammer' or whatever. If I frustrate you then practice. There is always a way to stop me.

You see, I learned years ago that it is better to frustrate, confuse, and irritate than to beat them outright. If you want to beat me, I will simply counter your tactics 100%, and snuff your attack. Works well for all games. Bruce Lee says in his 'Tao' that defence/counter-attack is the best form. Be ready and let your opponent make the first move. Hehe.
If I want to beat you, on the otherhand, sit back and behold the beauty of it.

06-08-00, 10:10 AM

my momma use to tell me "life is like a box of chocolates - to kick ass, one must first get ass kicked."


06-08-00, 10:48 AM
yea, I would rather be on a server where

a) Im traden Frag for Frag with everyone(best)
b) Im getting my PeePee Smacked (better)


a) Im killing everyone in site like a god (ok)
b) Im killing everyone in site like a god and they keep telling me I cheating or My Ping is too good or There mouse dosn't work

You wont ever hear me complain that Im getting my @ss handed to me (weather or not I have a 9000 ping) If don't like it I'll move on. No need cryen about it.

06-08-00, 01:04 PM
Seriously boys, you are sooo right. I play UT under the name of BIG ASS HAM and my IP has been banned by a few servers. To top this off when I play people get pissed at me and start caling me names when I win. Dont bother calling me names just get better yourself. There was a time when I used to get my ass kicked all the time and I didnt bitch and complain.

Trade Yash already!!!

06-09-00, 11:26 PM

Just to add on a bit... I like to practice solo on levels to find the boundaries. You know, push the envelop back....

Anyhow, I will show other players how and where to do many things. I am gracious, and not a sore loser.

Hehe. Happy fragging.

06-10-00, 03:47 AM
Trying going to this server

(forgot the ip) but i think it was something like
diamond multimedia deck 16 for advance players only

thats where i usually go ..no whinners (but of course there are occational excuses)

aka inyourface[kos]

06-16-00, 09:32 AM
LoachDuke....what tag do you play under in HL?.... I am just curious whether i have ever seen you online...not a challenge, but wondering what servers and names you play under?


06-16-00, 09:56 AM
Hey glucuronide,

I have only one handle...LoachDuke created man. Man created God. Man destroys God. LoachDuke destroys man. Lol.

Look for that name at www.theclq.com. (http://www.theclq.com.)

I'm currently clanless, and want to stay that way for now.

Ice Storm
06-16-00, 10:26 AM
Ok, I understand what you're saying. I really do. But what kills me is this. When I get toasted by someone with a 20 ping and then they start talking trash about owning and crap like that. I think it shows how stupid they are. I dont have high speed yet, so I ping at best @400 or above. Yet I say nothing about this advantage they have. I just want to play. But it bugs me to death with these little kids that think they're so good. I hope they grow up some day.