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06-07-00, 02:33 PM
Anyone have any tips on the optimum way to host 6-8 people on Rogue Spear? I have a Surfboard3100 and everyone complains about lag after 3-4 people are playing. Arrrgghhh!

06-07-00, 04:57 PM
You parobably have a 128 kbps upload cap. You can't host too many players with the cap. I'm with cogeco@home and I have the same upload cap.....which sucks. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

06-07-00, 05:32 PM
Problem is if I run a program like NetStatLive it shows I get a maximum throughput of 430kbps. That's sure better than 128, though maybe it's only peaking at that for a second and then dropping down to 24kpbs : )

06-13-00, 12:38 PM
i`m on a fast 56k and can host 5-6 depending on location.
so it sounds like a cable problem.
contact your cable company and see what they say.

06-13-00, 12:40 PM
Allso the speed of your Pc is a factor..ie memory and CPU speed.

06-20-00, 10:42 PM
Also RS and UO have lag after 4 people, their network code ain't the best so try to host less than 5 all the time.

09-14-00, 08:17 PM
It does matter alot if you can serve 4 or more by the ammount of ram you have and your upload speed i am capped at 392k and i could hold around 8 people who are on good conections, i have 700mhz with 256mb ram, after 9 or 10 people the lag gets really bad

09-17-00, 12:43 AM
another factor i can think of is ur ram, ram plays a extremely important factor in rogue spear. it deteremine how fast things flow in ur computer, wit the heavy graphics in rogue spear ram plays a key role. i recomened 256. good luck

10-15-00, 04:22 AM
i run a 416 up and down dsl server. p3 450, 128 mb RAM, voodoo 4 4500, 3com sdsl modem. i hold 14 ppl no lag in RS/UO/CO games. if i had 256mb RAM, i could hold 16ppl, a full room. RAM is very important with R6 games. they sure eat it up. R6 games are known for lag anyway...

10-15-00, 09:55 PM
I Play rogue Spear alot! Im on a 128kb Capp and I can host 6-8 people. I recently read a article talking about how rogue spear is a poor game to play online due to lag, I thinks its true I think a t1 can hold 16 peeps in rogue, but a t1 can hold like 20-30 people on quake 3!

10-25-00, 02:34 PM
Ahhh yes, the lag. Lets just say u have to atleast 700kbps upload and down on ur line to host without lag. We have a member that got SDSL at 768kbps. He's able to host 16 people without lag. Then we have another member who has 400kbps SDSL and can only host about 10. Theres alot to contribute to lag. but mainly it's the upload. If the host can't upload fast enough, it's going to start lagging. I got cable at 1.5mbps down / 300kbps up and i can hold 14 people games without lag, given that those other players have pretty good connection too. And all it takes is one person with really bad connection to screw the game up. Try booting the 3yellows and reds out of the game. Works sometimes. Also test the ping by spamming the game while no one else types. Those people who's connection can't download or upload fast enough will turn red . To do this, just tell the room to not type anything, and u, the host, press ENTER for like 20-30 times fast. If someone's ping goes red, boot them.
And if u r hosting and sees someone running into the wall, find out who they are and boot them. Thats a major lagger. Usually when u boot someone, if they take a while to get disconnected when u hit the boot button, they are lagging quite a bit. Takes a while for the boot signal to get to them and then takes a while for their comp to send a signal back to ur comp showing they disconnected. SS_Turbo <=SS=>

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10-26-00, 12:42 AM
Lol Turbo, that is hard to understand. You said a guy in your clan can host 10 without lag with a 400K upload and that you can host 14 without lag with 300K upload. That's ambiguous. I probably have the same cable as you from RR ATAT. 1.5mb down/300K up. I can't host 14 but can host about 9 without no lag. I am getting dsl this weekend with 1.5 down/ 384K up and I will only be able to host 12 or 13. So you should only host games with 768K or up for big room games.

10-27-00, 06:21 AM
Well yes, probably confusedd u there. hehe. Well since u are gettig dsl, that should clear up a bit. That guy that had the 400/400 lives like outside of city limits. and his connnections is somewhat a "experiment" for his isp. He's got good pings now, less than 200ms. But he can't really host at all. Probably what his isp meant by "experiment" was 192/192, lol.
anyhow the guy with the 768/768. He lives a few blocks from his central office. Lucky him. 16 players no lag.
And my cable. Well i emailed Mediaone "at&t" few months back about the speed. They said there is not a guarentee speed. Just download up to 200 times faster than a 28.8k modem. meaning if ur connection is like a 14.4k modem at times, oh well, tough luck. I had a few times when the cable was really bad. I mean i was pinging 800+ms to everyone. I just went to sleep.
But if dsl is available for ur area, i'm sure u will enjoy it for the games. I would get dsl too but it's not available in my area as of yet. Hope u can host 16 with ur dsl. =)
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10-27-00, 06:25 AM
Oh yeah, and me hosting 14 people. Thats like 3 to 4 am in the morning. hehe. And almost everyone in that game has cable or dsl. During the day time, i can only host around 9-10 without lag.
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11-02-00, 06:49 PM
Yes Upload speed is everything in serving and the guy who is on 56k and can hold 6 people is lying, that is not possible,
OH &lt;=SS=&gt; you are garbage play us in Covert Ops anyday DKM for life, bring it

11-11-00, 05:21 PM
I don't see how a 56k can host a 6-person game of RS either... especially after pumping out a huge 5KB/sec on average.