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06-05-00, 07:06 PM
I heard the online play for Unreal has gotten better. I wanted to try it out, but could not get it to work. Dont say "just get UT" cuz I know how cool UT is, but I wanna try Unreal. Can anyone help me?


06-06-00, 01:06 PM
First you need to get the v225f patch. After that your all set. Just connect to the internet, launch the game and select multiplayer, select Populated 225 servers and a list will sorted by latency will be displayed :-) From there on its all gameplay. If you got a fast connection check out one of the INFiltration servers. You got to download custom maps and skins, but its well worth it :-) New guns, New maps, and a hole different edge to the game. Enjoy

06-06-00, 09:10 PM
Thanks, i got it to work, but because Im stuck with dialup until august, my ping was 355 (to the best server)! It lagged so bad that my shots came out 6 seconds (not exaggerating) after I clicked. That sucks!

06-07-00, 12:36 AM
I know a couple of modem tweaks that would possibly help lower your ping times, that is if your interested?

06-08-00, 12:52 AM

This is what you gotta do. First Back up your the following files USER.DAT SYSTEM.DAT and SYSTEM.INI.

Next, insert the folowing IN the SYSTEM.INI file under the [386Enh] section. Simply click on the Start Menu and select RUN, then type "SYSEDIT" and hit enter. Select the SYSTEM.INI file and scroll down to the
[386Enh] section. Enter the following line COM[x]Buffer=nnnn, where [x] = your modems COM port and nnnn = the size of
the buffer ( in Kbytes ) you wish to allocate to the COM port. Default setting 128, try 1032, 2048 and 4096. COMBoostTime=4
( default is set at 2 ) this affects the amount of time that Windows controls your modems COM port interrupt. Also,
COM[x]Protocol=nnnn, where [x] = your modems COM port and nnnn specifies if Windows should stop simulating characters
in a Virtual Machine, this setting should be left blank for optimal performance.

Step Two: Edit MaxMSS and MaxTU in the registry. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Class\NetTrans\ and edit only the folders "000n"
that contain the following string of data "DriverDesc=TCP/IP". Within these folders edit the values MaxMSS and MaxMTU to
the specified value given below.


Next we have to configure the DefaultTTL, DefaultRcvWindow, and the PMTUDiscovery settings within the registry. Simply
find the following directory: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\VxD\MSTCP and edit the
values DefaultTTL and DefaultRcvWindow to the specifiedvalue given below.


If your not sure on how to edit the registry properly read the sections on this page on registry tweaks, and the advanced tweaks section. Just keep in mind that the values that you'll be using are different cause you have a different type of connection.