View Full Version : Quake 2 - Online Freezing

06-05-00, 09:57 AM
Hmm, Well I play a modification for Quake 2 called Action. Anyways, I got a voodoo 2 not long ago and everything works so much better. However, recently i over clocked my Voodoo 2 from its factory settings of 90Mhz to 99Mhz. (anything above doesnt work for some reason) anyways I often have problems with the game just freezing in the middle of intense fights, or often when im just idling. I know its not a problem with my net connection because ive been running pretty stable with my Cable for some time now.

Could the problem be within over heating the Voodoo? or could it be that my Pentium 166 cannot keep up with the work load...

anyways.. If you could help i would appreciate. Thanks http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif