View Full Version : UT just freezes up

05-27-00, 09:02 PM
hey all, this happens all the time, when im playing UT my mouse will just stop working but every other thing is going fine. i have a MS intellieye mouse (w/ no ball)
anyone know why this is happening?

05-28-00, 03:50 PM
At what time does this happen in the game? Are you searching for net games? My pc will freeze if I leave my firewall on when I search for net games.

05-28-00, 07:08 PM
no, its during the game at pretty much random times.

05-30-00, 06:04 PM
Is this a complete system lock-up? Can you ctrl-alt-del out of it? I can tell you its not a mouse prob since i use the same one. It really sounds like a heat related issue or some kind of conflict of devices in your PC.

05-30-00, 08:37 PM
well, its just UT that freezes, i hit alt-tab to escape then have to exit the game. I kind of fixed it in the unrealtounrnament.ini I went and changed the memory that goes to UT from 4 to like 180 and it only happens from time to time so UT is playable now.

05-31-00, 09:39 AM
what are your system specs? for instance, are you overclocking?

this way we can help in your process of eliminating variables.


06-01-00, 10:30 AM
My UT freezes frequesntly as well. espescially when searching for net games...It happens with my adsl. If I open it in a window and it freezes at least I can ctrl-alt-delete and keep shutting down processes until it unlocks. A big pain. I have a USB modem and I am switching to Ethernet...maybe that will help.

06-02-00, 08:36 PM
yeah, your like the same as me, i have 256mb ram though so i just changed the about of ram that UT uses from 4 to like 200 and it fixes most of my problems

i also have a usb thing but as you going to a NIC

06-04-00, 11:55 PM
Make sure you have the newest ver. makes a BIG differance.
Are you getting the error for running out of virtual memory? I had to go into windows and set my own VM size, I also put the swap file at the front of my hard drive. dont do this if you are not an advaced user!