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03-31-10, 06:06 AM
ok I put snow tires on my car this year because of the bad winter. I am going to get new rims and tires for the summer and leave the snow tires on the stock rims.
The existing tires are 225/50/16. My 2 sons want me to buy 18 inch rims and go to 225/40/18

I have been asking for a while trying to decide weather to go to 18's or just go up one size to 17's. 17's would be 225/45/17
The price difference is like 50 bucks so either one I would buy.

How much worse would the ride be on 18's? Its not a daily driver but it does get used a bit, mostly by my sons.

03-31-10, 06:26 AM
You can notice..going from /50 tires to /35 or /40 tires. It's <that much less> sidewall for give. The ride firmness will go up, you're more likely to notice that you just ran over a dime in the road. If it's too much for your tastes though, that's hard to answer, more of a "What's tolerable for you" question.

A wheel/tire store probably won't be willing to take the time to mount both sets and let you test drive. But worth asking I suppose. Else....maybe hit a few local car dealerships and act interesting in a few cars...and compare driving cars with those two options for sneakers.

03-31-10, 08:21 AM
Ok I understand I may sacrifice some ride, but will I gain anything?

Some people have said what I lose in ride quality I gain in handling? I'm not sure if I buy that.
I have been checking all my friends cars hoping someone had 18s that I could drive but no luck so far :rotfl:

03-31-10, 09:47 AM
Tell your sons if THEY want the 18 inch rims they're free to buy them.

03-31-10, 12:53 PM
I plan on getting nice rims anyway so the little extra money I have no problem with.
I just wanted to make sure it would be worth it and not ride like it had square wheels

04-29-10, 12:21 PM
Well after much deliberation We decided to go with 17's. 235-45-17

We absolutely love them, the ride might be a tad bit harsher but the steering is more responsive and they look great!

05-09-10, 02:28 PM