View Full Version : How to fins out Q3 frame rates?

05-27-00, 07:50 PM
I have a decent comp at P3 500 2/ a voodoo 3 300 and 128 Mb of RAM. I'd like to know what kind of framerates I get when I play Q3, so could anyone please tell me how to find out?

Thank you!!


05-27-00, 11:51 PM
well you can see in-game rates by turning on the cg_drawfps in the corner by typing this in the consol: \cg_drawfps 1

or you can run a timedemo like this:
\timedemo 1
\demo demo001.dm3
and then when it's done look at the consol and it should say something like demo001 completed in xxxx seconds w/ xxx fps...