View Full Version : @Home, UT, and Max Players

05-27-00, 06:27 PM
I've got that annoying 16KB cap with @Home. Can anyone tell me what I should put the max player limit at? I currently have it set to 8, but I want to get all my friends in and play at the same time.

05-27-00, 08:57 PM
Sorry to say, but five is the limit with the 128 kilobit cap. I've tried it with six, but as soon as that sixth person enters, the ping goes to hell.

According to Epic Games, you should have 28.8 kilobits of bandwidth per player. According to that, four would be the limit, but I haven't noticed any difference with five.

Whichever ini you use for hosting, make sure that MaxClientRate is set to 5000. All the info you need can be found here (http://planetunreal.com/TheAdminPage/).

05-28-00, 03:52 PM
My cap is at 42KBps and I like to keep my max connections at 5. Anything higher and it starts to bog down slightly. Experiment with it to see what works.