View Full Version : HL Autoexec Tweaks for DSL?

05-23-00, 06:28 PM
Hey fellow TFC'ers. I recently switched over to a 256K DSL and need some Autoexec.cfg adjustments for HL. Post away please!

FPS_Modem(? for DSL)

Any other speed tweaks?
I have the display tweaks where I want them.. just concerned about the Net portion.. I know the new net code comes out this week.. But in the mean time..


05-27-00, 12:41 PM
Rate; try adjusting it to 3000 the higher the pings in the game you may need to adjust higher to around 5000.

FPS; not really a issue if you have the most recent drivers and a good graphics card.

Pushlatency; my average ping is 100, mine is set to -75

As of next Tuesday all of this will be mute. The new code will be out. Or you can look around for it on your own. But be warned you will not be able to log on to servers not using 6.2a.... so if you can wait a few days it will not matter.