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05-23-00, 01:12 PM
Ever since @Home changed my modem to the cybersurfer 3100 when I go into Mplayer rooms people see my pings at 300-600ms. I show myself at around 26ms. Anyone else have this problem? Solutions?

Also when my modem was capped upload at 128k I could host 6 people sometimes 8 pretty easily. Now with this new modem I can host 4 before people start complaining about lag and the cybersurfer right now isn't capped.

05-23-00, 03:16 PM
It could be a few things causing your strange high pings.

To start off, it could just be more users recently operating on your node.

Or maybe the people you see at 300-600ms are 56k's or 28.8's

Also, you should be aware, MPlayer ucks up pings a lot. I've seen T3's that I ping via MS-DOS at sub 250ms at over 700ms on MPlayer.

Dahno, making some quick guesses from my puny 28.8 350mhz.

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05-23-00, 03:23 PM
Actually the people I am seeing or pinging at 60-120ms and they are seeing me at 600ms