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Win TFTP Server Pro 3 is multithreading application designed to
allow network administrators and users to save, upload and download
configuration files from various network equipments. Example like
router, VPN devices, smart hubs, network switches, CATV modems, IP
Phones, network printers and other network devices which support router
TFTP protocol. WinTFTP Server Pro can be used for writing router
configuration or firmware files as well. The server application together
with the client application can be used to transfer files between computers.

This multithreading server application may be used in very
complex network configuration for network monitoring software at all
network devices. This include modem configuration CATV TFTP with CMTS
systems. Is configured to use up to 4 network card interfaces using a
visual interface on display. The freeware tftp client application is
included within the installation kit.

Win tftp server free for professionals supports the TFTP Option
Negotiation Protocol. The client appends options at the end of the Read
Request or Write request packet. It also supports the TFTP Blocksize
Option which allows the free client tftp and free server tftp to
negotiate a block size more applicable to the network environment.

WinTFTP Server Pro 3

* Is running on Microsoft Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows Vista
* Is a multi threading application which means it can accept and
handle multiple tftp router connections at the same time.
* Supports up to 4 network interfaces so donít worry to use it on a
machine with more than 1 network interface.Tftp client configuration
main window application
* Has security option based on IP address access lists and folder
access. Although the tftp protocol has no security option, we enhanced
our server with IP address access list, folder access and
upload/download permissions.
* Built in option to change listening port for each server network
* Supports long filenames and nested directories.
* Supports nick names both for tft server and tftp clients for an
easy administration of your tasks.
* Log file for later analysis of your tftp traffic.

Configured for running on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7
Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows tftp server Vista, Windows 7 tftp
server free platforms. We recomand to become registered user following
registration link on home page and receive the update information and
update software for free.

Install this tftp application and use for unlimited number of
files. Multiple files are accepted and multiuser settings and rights. It
works for unlimited number of IP, unlimited size of files depending of
your OS. Use all features unlimited times for 30 days without any
restriction. We have a very large number of visitors and users growing
fast every day worldwide online business.

WinTFTP Server Pro 3 is a client server multithread application
compatible with TFTP protocol as described by Internet Standard
Documents. TFTP protocol is a datagram based protocol (UDP), used to
transfer files between two hosts (ex: PC to PC, PC to device, to
devices, etc). For more information about the tftp protocol please see
links below:

RFC 1350 - Trivial File Transfer Protocol (RFC 1350 protocol)
RFC 1782 - TFTP Option Extension (RFC 1782 protocol)
RFC 1783 - TFTP Blocksize Option

Download WinTftp the last version, please click below links, save
the setup file (installation and uninstallation kit) on your computer,
then double click it and follow the instructions on the screen.

Tftp server download free links installation kit:

* WinTFTPServer Pro 3 setup file.
* WinTFTP Server Pro 3 setup file in .ZIP archive.
* Win TFTP Server Pro 3 help user manual WinTFTPServer.chm file in
zip archive file.

Tftp client download free links installation kit:

* WinTFTP Client Pro 3 setup file.
* WinTFTP Client 3 freeware program only .EXE file.
* WinTFTP Client 3 freeware program only .ZIP file.
* WinTFTP Client 3 freeware help user manual WinTFTPClient.chm file
in .zip archive file.

Visit forum technical support disscutions group Wintftp server
(external link).

At download section of WinTftp web site you may dowload tftp client free.

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