View Full Version : Need help on choosing a network solution for gaming

05-20-00, 06:58 PM
Hello ,
I am recieving a new computer and am putting this one for parents so they can surf the web while i do my thing.

Now i want to connect the old computer and the New computer so they both use my 1 cable modem.

Now i dont know the best way to do this.

I dont want my ping time to go up cause im using a router or something. So what do i use that wont slow my ping times down. (And i am not talking about when parents are on the net, i am talking in general if the thing letting 2 comps connect to eachother will increase my ping and pl).

So what do i do buy a router , network somehow what do i do?

And if my parents are surfing the web and i am playing quake3 which is all i will play with new computer will my ping and pl go high?

Thanks for your help.

05-27-00, 12:45 PM
Links router is the best solution or try using the NAT that comes with w98se. Very easy to configure.