View Full Version : @home users and half life!!!must read!!!!

05-19-00, 12:53 PM
I have @home service in a suburb outside of Chicago and when I first got the service my ping was 300 during the best times. No tweak or command in the half life consol will fix that. If you are seeing these speeds then it is @home's congestited node that is to blame. What I did was bitch at them to add more bandwith or i'd call the better business bureau . Believe me @home does not want to lose your business!!!!!!! Dont let them boss you around telling you that they cant guarentee anything because thats bs. No cable user should see pings above 200 at anytime of day. Tell them if they dont fix it you demand to get free service until they do. THIS WORKS SO GO AND DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!

05-24-00, 01:48 PM
They definetly don't want to lose business... just be persistant

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