View Full Version : Who here thinks Quake3 & UT are resource Hogs?

05-17-00, 12:24 PM
Well I do. Both Q3 & UT are the best examples of the worst programming I have seen to date. God , I would like to look at the source code. Probably looks like spagetti code with the equivalent of bubble gum patching it together. I swear to you. Any game today that cannot run decently on a PIII 450 is a big fat lame ass piece of crap- Ware. I say we boycott Q3 and UT. Don't play it or buy it or talk about it. Just ignore it and it will fade into vaporware. Where are the days when software could run on 8MB? Goddam , can you believe the standard config for a system is minimum 128MB. Give me a goddam break. We are supporting sloppy programming habits buy getting more and more RAM. What next? 256MB RAM minimum config?

05-17-00, 01:48 PM
I have a PII 233 and 96 MB Ram, I play UT and run a UT server with Linux and it runs smooth.

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05-17-00, 01:52 PM
Ok, Tomb Raider.
I dont believe it. what are your Frame Rates and what resolution are you using??
Show me your data before I purge you to the gulag.

05-17-00, 05:15 PM
I'm not gonna get all kinds of stats because you don't believe me. I could care less if you do. I was just telling you what I have. BTW I was running 1024x768 and was getting a bit choppy during heavy battle's so I changed it to 800x600 and it's fine now.

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05-18-00, 08:42 AM
Hey Scum333,

I agree with you. It's too bad that the programming community finds it fun to overdo everything. It was good when a game was under 1 meg, and ran on a 286, and was fun. The core of any game shouldn't take more than a few hundred lines of code. Unfortunately, most of the software manufacturers seem to think we need eye and ear candy before substance. Just pick up a game mag and look at their hall of fame. All those games were small, fast, and fun.
It would seem that they just live off of the remains of these other games, and tack on too much graphics and sound. Innovation is good, and Q2 has to be the biggest ever. So many new features were unleashed, and the code was made public so that you and I could improve it any way we saw fit.
You and I may have the budget or are willing to spend x dollars on computer upgrades, but most people don't understand or can't afford upgrades. Software development should not move at the speed of the few Pentium XX-100THz computer owners, but the speed of the majority. It really irks me when (hehe) I "buy" a new game and see the requirements are a little high for my computer; so I rush and buy the new vid/audio/cpu/ram that are needed. Kewl, ready to play...but the game sucks...Arghhh.

Don't know about you guys, but I can still have hours of enjoyment from games such as Duke Nukem, Doom, Links386, Raptor, Dune, etc... Those were good. The programmers had a limit (and time) to produce games using the hardware efficiently.

Final thought; it must be difficult for the average software company to compete. I know some programmers and they jump ship a lot. Money is good for them, and they will go to whoever offers the most. The real tackle is to get the hardware manufacturers to slow down and do things correctly. With the race to win, quality is coming down in all areas, and the standards are being thrown out the window. Compatibility will be the next big thing I guess.

05-18-00, 01:54 PM
Yes. I agree. You know who is really a terrible abuser of our CPUs. Microsoft. Those big FXXXin monsters of programs Office2000, Visual Studio 6, Windows 2000 will eat your computer alive and vomit the refuse in your face. I don't know what the solution is. I suppose when the 1.5 Gigaherz CPUs and the Rambus or DDR Sdram come out we may have the upper hand with this software crap. But like you said, How many people wnat to upgrade every 6 months?

05-18-00, 02:45 PM
I agree that most software today is BLOTware
When MS has time to HIDE flight sims in Excel and FPS's in Word the Code is too big. Sure is perty though. But in todays world when the Average PC has 64mb of memory and HDD are over 6 Gig and a 20 Gig cost $200 bucks Who cares. Make the code as big as you like. As long as it runs (another problem i wont get into) i don't care.

As For UT I have a K6-2 266 64mb ram 6 gigs of HDD space and a Voodoo 2 12mb card I run UT at 640X480 in High detail and get 24-40 fps depending on the map (some of the user maps kill that though http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/wink.gif ) I runs great on what I would call OLD tech. I say Good Job to the Guys programed the scaleability to run on lots of Hardware. So if it is slow on you PC try to ajust some settings.

05-20-00, 09:25 PM
I have UT and Q3
running on a p3@450mhz with 256meggs of ram
a voodoo3 3000 and a dsl modem
they both have graphics set to max and run verry smooth, I get pings from 11 to 120
depending on the server

05-25-00, 10:37 AM
Hehe, I read your guys stuff and let my mouth hang open wide http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

Well, i cant run UT or Q3, simply cause my Pentium 166mmx, 48ram, VooDoo 2 1000PCI cant handle that stuff. and unfortunatelly im not what one could say well off.

However, I run Q2 just fine, and i play the Action Quake mod for it, running at about 60 to 90 fps. Not bad, especially when my ping is anywhere from 40 to 160. I find it smooth going, and lining up the head shots with the sniper crosshair doesnt seem to be all that hard now a days. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

However I cannot run 800X600 resolution, that just chews up my comp and i feel the affects of comp lag.

I'd say the only time i lag on net games is when my Pentium 166 tries to catch up with what im doing, however on the rare occasions when i can shutdown just about every other program and clear up about 95% of of the system i run just peachy. And the 6.0 frags a minute on the CLQ prove it... take a look. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif http://www.theclq.com/asp/find.asp?name=ArmedNuT%7BKEA%7D

05-25-00, 01:18 PM
Hey Addikt! Any word on Dualboot?! Is it ever coming back up?

05-25-00, 11:04 PM
UT runs like a charm on my PII 400 w/ 256MB RAM and a G400 SH. Of course, I'm dualbooting between Win98 and Win2k for gaming.

The only thing besides games installed under 98 are ICQ and Netscape. Damn fast

dualboot (http://dualboot.net/cgi-bin/Ultimate.cgi)