View Full Version : Time warner tech wants to re-wire

02-19-10, 11:01 AM
Had to let the Time Warner tech into the house to replace a Teryon 7yr old modem. Now the guy wants to rewire my Leviton set-up stating there's PROBABLY all this RF leakage. I spent alot installing this system using the best Leviton amp $$$ could buy, quad 6U cable and gold crimp connections throughout. Tech says this will take him about an hour to install HIS splittersd, amp and new connections in the box. (11 TV connections to the Leviton amp).

This original install of all Leviton equipment was 7 years ago and I am having absolutely NO PROBLEMS with my Television reception on ANY TV nor (with the new modem) any problems with my internet connection.

I think this is over-kill on his part. Although he stated this is all at NO CHARGE, I find it hard to believe this amp of theirs, etc is all going to end up being "free". I'm betting they then LEASE you this stuff.....like they are going to do with the new modem.

So, should I cancel this service call and see if they cut me off? Should I request that they check for RF leakage first?? Anyone out there have a similar experience, any suggestions, advice?

Aside...(When I initially had Time Warner install the first modem I immediately swapped it out for my own Teryon modem and returned there modem saving the $3/month lease fee).